Greek Passport Photo Specifications

As a result of 9/11, the world governments changed their requirements of passport applications, registration and tracking. The entire global community adopted a biometric identity and tracking system that ensures all nations are in step with new security measures so that individuals can be more easily tracked around the world.

Greek passport photo specifications changed just like the rest of the world did and even went a few steps further. In 2005, Greece adopted a new passport model that is now state of the art. The current Greek passport now has holograms, invisible ink, and biometric data on chips embedded within. They are among the most difficult to copy or fake in the world. That’s great for security but it may add some more difficulty in new passport applications.

New Greek Passport Photo Requirements:

  • The entire photo must by 40mm x 60mm with the head comprising between 50% and 60% of the photo and with the shoulders included the person must occupy 75% of the photo.
  • Glasses are allowed in the photos but it is a good practice to remove them for Greek passport photos. Removing them will reduce the chances of your passport application being returned for an inadequate picture and will save you time and a headache.
  • You must submit the application with 2 identical photos. These photos must have been taken within the last 3 months of your application. A good rule of thumb is to use more recent photos.
  • No showing of teeth, frowning or smiling of any kind.
  • Babies’ passport photos must not be showing parents holding them, to include any hands or fingers.
  • Irises of eyes must be clearly visible.
  • Natural skin color. No augmenting or over-tanning is allowed in the photos.
  • No shadows or other people are allowed to be seen in Greek Passport Photos. Also, make sure that there is no chair back or wall outlets showing.
  • Background must be on plain white or off-white background. No design of any kind on background.
  • High-quality photography that was chemically developed is also a requirement.
  • No red-eye allowed. Make sure that you have a good photo editor option if you’re using Passport Photo software in your home.


Greek is amongst the strictest of countries when it comes to passport photo specifications and requirements. However, this is all done in the name of security and should make us all feel safer. Make sure that you are aware of the passport specifications when applying for a Greek passport and your process should go smoothly.