Hong Kong Visa and Passport Photo Specifications

Hong Kong is one of the most beautiful and interesting country to explore. This place unveils hottest attractions and countless opportunities. Many individuals wish to travel to Hong Kong while some other also needs to leave the country for personal and professional purposes. People come and go but entering the country’s borders and boundaries calls for necessary travel documents that need to be complied. There are instances that you need to apply for a visa for legal entry and exit in Hong Kong.

Photo requirements are always tied up with your travel documents. Many people who are applying for Hong Kong Visa need to be very careful and mindful especially when it comes to visa photo specifications. The following photo requirements must be kept in mind:

  • The picture must show full frontal face with clear features of the face.
  • The photograph must have white and plain background.
  • The required size of the picture is 40mm in width by 50mm in height. The size from individual’s chin up to the crown in the photograph must be 32mm to 36mm. Another photo requirement is that there must be enough headroom.

Acceptable and Unacceptable Photos 

When taking the photo, make sure not to wear headdress and avoid wearing heavy makeup. Subjects are also advised not to wear overly light or dark-colored clothing. Photographs will be denied if the applicant in the picture is:

  • Wearing frames across the eyes
  • Not centered
  • With hair across eyebrows or eyes
  • Viewed with flashy reflections on glasses or face
  • Too light
  • Too dark
  • With shadow

Through laser engraving, your picture will be personalized on your Doc/I or passport’s data pages. The image quality appearing on the Doc/I or passport somehow depends on the color and quality of original pictures furnish by applicants.

As much as possible do not staple, fold or write anything at the back of the photograph because these might be reasons of denial of your photograph. Also, refrain from attaching the photo on the application form with the use of paperclip. This will otherwise make the photograph unsuitable for Doc/I or passport personalization. Applications with substandard photographs will not be accepted and processed and assigned personnel will then be returning these to the applicants.

Acceptable and Valid File Format of Online Application Digital Photograph for (only for passport application)

  • Image type should be on JPEG format.
  • File size must be 600Kbytes or below
  • Acceptable dimension when captured by a scanner is 600dpi. The photograph size must be 40mm in width by 50mm in height.
  • When captured by a digital camera, image size must be 1200 pixel in width by 1600 pixel in     height.

Following the set photo requirements is highly essential to ensure that you will qualify for Hong Kong visa applications. Unaccepted photos are common reasons why most individuals are faced with visa application problems. To save yourself from experiencing the same scenario, make sure that photograph is taken the proper way and the dos and don’ts when it comes to your travel document’s photo requirement.