Specifications for New Zealand Passport Photos, Visa Photos, and Photos for New Zealand Citizenship Applications

The internationally accepted biometric passport photo specifications have been adopted by New Zealand for passport photos, visa photos, and photos for citizenship in the country. As a result, not every individual who uses general images in their processing can produce passport photos, visa photos, or photos in New Zealand. Thus, when you need to apply for a visa, passport or for your citizenship in New Zealand, ensure you only choose individuals with the necessary equipment to give you the required results. The ID photo maker is software used to produce high-quality and standard New Zealand passport and visa photos. The software is used step by step in the process and is available in free trial versions. There are specifications for these New Zealand passport photos and citizenship applications in line with the internationally accepted requirements.

One should use a photo taken within six months before application for the passport, visa, or citizenship application. It is required that the photo shows a full front view of the face, head, and shoulders. The individual should also be looking straight at the camera. Head coverings and sunglasses are not allowed unless the glasses are medical, and the eyes are visible. Photo alterations or editing are not allowed. It is also required that the photo be in focus, with no shadows, red eyes, and flash reflection. Additionally, the background should not be white or dark. Instead, it should be plain and light-colored to ensure that the image is visible enough.

The photo must be printed on high-quality paper without any creases or ink marks. A neutral facial expression, while the mouth remains closed, is also needed. The passport photo, visa photo, or citizenship application photos in New Zealand have a standard size of forty-five millimeters high by thirty-five millimeters wide. In the image, the required head height is thirty-two millimeters by thirty-six millimeters. The standard requirements are for uniformity and help identify the real faces of the applicants. These are the basic requirements in New Zealand as per the internationally agreed biometric passport photo specifications.