UK Passport Photo Specifications

If you’re looking to get a UK passport then you should make sure that your passport photo software can specifically meet the requirements of what the United Kingdom now needs to issue your passport.

Passport application in the UK isn’t what it used to be. Just like the rest of the world governments, the UK has tightened the reigns. Passport applications are not taken lightly any longer. UK passports have now implemented facial biometric recognition technology so passport photos need to be specific and detailed.

UK Passport Photo Specifications and Application Requirements

  • You will need to submit two identical photos
  • The photos must be properly focused and clear
  • The size of the photo must be 45mm by 35mm with the head between 29mm and 34mm in size
  • Background must be light gray
  • Printed on high-quality, low-gloss photographic paper
  • No other objects, people or shadows
  • Photos must be in near mint condition with no creases or bends
  • The photo must be a full-facial view, straight on
  • Your mouth must be closed. No showing of teeth, smiling or frowning
  • No sunglasses, tinted lenses or hair can be obscuring the eyes
  • No glare or camera flash reflections on corrective lenses
  • If for religious or medical reasons you wear a head covering than it may be worn in your UK passport photo

UK Passport Photo Specifications for Children (under 5 years old)

Applying for a child’s passport have most of the same requirements as far as size and quality as that of adults and as noted above. However, the UK does allow for a little bit of latitude due to the nature of situation.

  • Must be a current, true likeness of the child
  • The head size of the child can be between 21mm and 34mm instead of the same as adults above
  • Neutral expressions and looking straight into the camera is are not a requirements
  • No supporting hands or fingers allowed in the photo
  • Babies that are 1 year old and under are not required to have their eyes open
  • This new criteria for UK passport is to prevent fraud and illegal immigration, as well as prevent security risks with illegal entry into ports of entry. Also, for security reasons the ability to track and accurately use biometrics for facial recognition is paramount and effective.