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smitten kitchen tomato soup

Served with trad grilled cheese sandwiches (instead of the topping you suggested) to make a dinner of it. Drizzle tomatoes with olive oil. Thanks for the great recipe! Another winner! Transfer tomatoes to medium pot and add thyme, crushed red pepper and stock and bring to a boil Reduce heat to a simmer and cook, uncovered, for 25 minutes. Thanks for the tip for chicken broth. Absolutely brilliant! It’s like an American version of french onion soup. Question: If I prepare this ahead of time, can I stop at the point after pureeing, but before heating the soup on the stove? Might just have to try this one out for myself =). Wow! We top it with sourdough croutons and fresh dill but our kids decorate theirs with popcorn! I can’t wait to try this, so perfect for this cold, wet weather in the city. Would absolutely make again! I made this for dinner tonight with tomatoes, onions, and thyme from the garden. It would not be the Smitten Kitchen if I wasn’t popping in here, chaotic as ever, 24 hours before the cooking- and eating-est day of most of our years, to suggest a new recipe for your menus, that, judging by my DMs, you settled weeks ago. Mind = blown! May 7, 2018 - Look, I’m not going to call Friday night’s dinner a disaster. I have just made it yesterday to impress a date… Great job yet again!I made this last night and it was tremendous. Is there any cool trick to impart a “roasted” flavor into tomato puree (because I have neither a blender nor a food processor)? The perfect comfort food to bring warmth to cool nights! So I went down grabbed a bag and dumped the chicken stock into it. Except in some hole in Jerusalem, very far away). I made this with our frozen roasted tomatoes. i am finally FINALLY delurking to tell you that I’ve been reading (stalking?) definitely want to also try the beer idea next time in place of a bit of the stock [maybe bell’s best brown ale?]. .I toted it here wrapped tightly in plastic and reheated. Love your blog and cookbook! Upon seeing this amazing recipe, I was faced with quite a dilemma. Your email address will not be published. Which will probably be tomorrow. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this recipe and look forward to trying it. Oh my goodness. Considering throwing away all of my cooking plans for the week to make this…but the most important question is: Where does one find good bread in NYC? Even my kids now know Smitten Kitchen! They were heavy though and sunk, but it was a shallow soup bowl so it worked fine. … Continue reading → Posted in Dinner, Soups | Tagged Cheese, French Bread, Smitten Kitchen, Soup, Tomatoes | 2 Comments. Thanks Deb! My husband called it “liquid pizza.” I like to think of it as more refined than that. you just made my “wanting” to invest in a good food processor to “I will” be getting a processor…Thank you! A pot of tomato soup practically begs for it — a cap of cheesy croutons is just a reimagined grilled cheese, after all. I planned to follow it exactly but realized, mid way through, that I’d thrown out my old soup crocks before my last move and have yet to replace them. “An American in Paris” recipe variation…my very favorite! I’d double the recipe next time! And so easy to make! Plus, I might just be a real sucker for anything related to grilled cheese! Serious yum. You can add the canned tomato liquid back at the blender step. This looks epic. I followed your recipe using the last of the farm tomatoes, only skinning them before mixing, as the skins are pretty tough this itme of year. This one particularity just made my chilly winter afternoon one to remember :). Oh and by the way (new note, January 2018): Just wanted to note that in my second cookbook, Smitten Kitchen Every Day, I have an updated version of this soup with canned tomatoes, since we eat it so often in the winter, when the fresh tomatoes are underwhelming. Second course was your spinach quiche with a salad of greens, fresh basil, pear, and apple. Early congrats as we’ll officially have made it out of the longest month ever! Recipes. How cute, in the big coffee mugs! Perfect! This might have been the best tomato soup I’ve ever eaten. This recipe looks killer. Ha, funny ! very delicious. Hi Deb. Made this today to keep us warm on a rainy night. I “French Onion Soup-ed” a white bean soup a few months ago and decided it’s a super smart move on all sorts of soup. Thanks, Deb! See more ideas about Smitten kitchen, Recipes, Food. Feb 16, 2012 - Find Cash Advance, Debt Consolidation and more at Your email address will not be published. And what a perfect way to make a good soup better: add a lot of cheese! Bonnie — It was supposed to say unpeeled. A light homemade veg broth would be perfect here. Loved it. On the ‘to do’ list for this weekend for sure. This soup looks amazing and so easy to make! Also I added tomato paste and a tsp of sugar. Thanks Deb! :) definitely on my to make again list! You are the best. Yesterday seemed as good a time as any to try one out! Can I just say that I am so excited to see what cold-weather fare you come up with this year! It was fantastic. Lest you think I spend any part of my days doing Important Things — preparing, and totally not at the last second or haphazardly, for my only child’s second birthday, or for his first week of pre-preschool; assembling warm, wholesome meals for his lunch each day; meeting my manuscript deadline; dealing with the shoe bomb that went off in my closet, etc. Verdict: this would be even more awesome if a) I hadn’t oversalted it; and b) with some leftover stale whole wheat sourdough. Thanks. This thing looks insane! Thank you! Thanks for the recipe. I’m a big tomato soup fan but haven’t mustered up the courage to make it from scratch…but this might change that. amazing……so simple and cheap, why have I never thought of this?? with the bread as the cheese croutons and it was delicious! Many blessins! I just ate too. I was too tired to add the onion, and it was still so delish. I guess I could try it with the little cherry type tomatoes they have here. Roasted Garlic Tomato Soup. Thanks once again!! I was hoping for a flavor that suggested great pub food, not just great Italian restaurant. 1 large eggplant (about 1 1/2 pounds), halved lengthwise (I used 3 smaller ones) 1 small onion, halved (eh, mine was medium) 6 large garlic cloves, peeled. It turned out to be the best tomato soup I’ve ever made – it has that cozy comfort food feel! where did you get the recipe? I bow down to you, lady. perfect vegetable lasagna. It’s great! we have tomatoes roasting in the oven right now for this recipe & i’m already in the love… the house smells all kinds of AMAZING!! You know, I’ve never been much of a tomato soup fan, but I think this recipe may have just converted me. Drizzled two tbsp over the tomatoes like the recipe calls for. Really lovely – amazing comfort food. Julie — Unreeled = unpeeled. stuffed eggplant parmesan. My dad has an ingeneous way of growing fabulous tomatoes in their uber-short growing season up there…suffice it to say I got a big bag of tomatoes that are wonderful, but on their very last leg. They were all trying to think of other things that flavor would be great with i.e. I was directed to your blog by a friend, and I can see why. It’s a shame I don’t have 4 matching mugs…, I do remember when you weren’t soup people. quick pasta and chickpeas. :D D. I am SO hoping to get some this weekend to try this. Gooooood stuff. That looks absolutely amazing. Why wouldn’t this keep for a few days? This recipe is wonderful – I prepared the soup yesterday lunch time and then finished it off (the cheddar and bread lid) just when I was ready for a lazy, comforting saturday night supper. Your photography is fantastic. This looks ridiculously good. I have a non-recipe related question; one of my favourite things to do in past used to be flicking through your amazing blog, previous entries upon previous entries. I successfully made this soup without a food processor, just used my stick blender instead. crisped chickpeas with herbs and garlic yogurt. And tomato soup with grilled cheese is a classic, so brilliant idea combining the two. The fresh roasted tomoatoes and cheddar lid sent it over the top. Could I can this, pre-crouton top? so put a few on top of the toasted rosemary bread that i used and under the cheddar. But I think you’ll understand. Made this tonight…delish! 1 tablespoon chopped fresh thyme or 1 teaspoon dried. Must try! Made this today and it was drop dead delicious! Wow! ... Get the recipe from Smitten Kitchen. Thanks Deb! and what’s weirder yet? The soup couldn’t be easier to make, and utterly delicious! Skipped the grated onions because of my husband’s preference, but next time I’ll try it on my toast because I bet it’s a delicious addition. Recipes. If they’re not as cooked when they go in, you won’t have as smooth of a puree. I’d never made tomato soup from scratch before but it was easy and oh so tasty! It’s easy and delicious. I started to eyeball the one inch slices but I decided to do a quick measure before I made the first cut. is the site for Cash Advance. We have had a year of drought and my Italian tomato tree is finally starting to produce. Did it :) This is WHATS FOR DINNER :). Btw: I adore that photo of your little cutie…He is adorable:). LOVE the book, thanks as usual for being my go to recipe guru (bow) We really enjoyed the bread and cheese top — who wouldn’t? Works for *soupe a’ l’oignon* for many reasons, but not for this combo. I was in the mood to knock the socks off the men in my house and it worked!! I have been a fan for years! Wow! Hi Deb, This is one of my favorite soup recipes. oh my gosh, broiled cheese over anything would make gloomy fall days better. Carrot cake doughnut — Was excellent (I stole a bite! I also added a roux to thicken it a bit right before serving. But then you had to go and post this recipe and throw us for a loop… We couldn’t resist! As somebody who was turned off tomato soup as a boy by the famous canned variety which shall remain nameless, I can only guess how tasty this is and how remote the comparison would be. Perfect rainy days in the forecast for this. Serves 4. Thank you. When we finally sat down to dinner (at 9:45pm, oops) the following conversation ensued… I have a trifecta of ingredients; soup will be made! I can’t wait to try it in a toasted bread bowl! Smitten Kitchen Smitten Kitchen - Roasted Tomato Soup. Thank you for this recipe. I loosely adapted the tomato soup part from an old Bon Appetit recipe, although more than quartering the oil, using less stock, no rosemary, roasting rather than sauteeing the garlic cloves and of course opening up a grilled cheese sandwich and broiling it on top. I made this for dinner and it was heavenly! Thanks so much for your recipe – it’s all that you hoped it would be IMHO. Heya i’m for the first time here. What a great serving idea. I bet the cheese toast would be equally good on some broccoli soup. Stock tends to be more robust, but really, for a high-flavored soup like this, it will not matter. Create cheddar lid: Preheat oven to 350. Love the twist on the tried-and-true combination! I am a soup person and LOVED the idea of this the first time I read through… this soup was fantastic, bread and cheese additions were brilliant. Arrange four ovenproof soup bowls, crocks or large mugs on a large, foil-lined baking sheet. I can’t even explain the amount of salivating that just went on over my computer screen. We loved this soup! Thanks! I cant wait to make ti and ti makes me want to dive in and eat. The result is marvelous. Nice post. I’m not sensitive to spice it just overwhelmed the other flavors. I donR… I do believe that next time I will peel the tomatoes though. Scroll down to see the dishes I made from Smitten Kitchen Every Day last month, as well as a list of all the recipes I have made since owning it and the list of those I’m most anxious to try next! four thumbs up from me & my man. One note: America’s Test Kitchen advises sprinkling a tiny bit of brown sugar over tomatoes before roasting them, and I’ve found that this does indeed impart a fuller, richer flavor. Sounds delicious can’t wait to try it!!!! It was fabulous. This is so inventive yet cozy and familiar at the same time. FABULOUS! I’ll be sure to let you know if I try it this weekend! Trying this now. Oh yes soup, you will be made. Perhaps a loaf of french bread might adorn? Thank you! What a wonderful idea – I’m always looking for the perfect tomato soup recipe that is decidedly un-sauce-like. A good problem to have. I chose the Smitten Kitchen's recipe for roasted tomato soup with broiled cheddar. I want some! Recipes. Not every bit , but just the big pieces. Just make sure not to get the end with the button in the water. It was fate. I had bought a jar of dried thyme, but I accidentally knocked it on the floor before I used any of it and the jar broke, so I used Italian seasoning instead and diced half of a large red onion that I had and put it in when the soup had started simmering. I may even get my kids to eat the soup if I sell them on the Grilled Cheese topping. Also, gruyere is a terrific option for a change from cheddar. Hope the wee 1 had a happy pappy birfday too! I love this soup, and have poached eggs in the leftovers, which is ah-may-zing. homemade cream cheese. I would like to make it and then bring it over after baby (#3) arrives…which could be any time now between 6 hours and 6 days…yikes! It demanded it! This one is going on the list for a couple of months from now – when tomatoes are back in season in New Zealand! [Applause!] This is tomato soup. That’s for saving me. ), I think I’d just do a grilled cheese sandwich on the side, though, rather than on top. Good gracious!! This looks fantastic. This blows my mind; it totally takes my family’s Sunday tradition to a whole new level. Your writing is like warm blankets. i’m always inspired by smitten kitchen! I think I’m going to plop some burrata on top of the toasted bread instead of the cheddar though – I’m not ready to give up summer quite yet! It was from a local bakery, rye bread, seedless. My boyfriend and I are going to have it tomorrow night, and I assure you it’s all I’m going to be thinking about all day tomorrow! This looks amazing and totally scrumptious! Hi Kika — Pumpkin and winter squash recipes right here: You should try the black bean pumpkin soup! :(. A great fall recipe for a cold night! now. roasted squash and tofu with ginger. This is what I have been waiting for all along. Roast until tomatoes are brown and tender (garlic will be very tender), about 1 hour. Mar 21, 2020 - [In 2019, this recipe got a little refresh and new photos.] Thank you! I’m pulling out shorts that haven’t been worn since my move from the East Coast midsummer. That looks simply amazing, Deb. Here I am, in my kitchen, waiting for my Smitten Kitchen Cream of Tomato Soup to finish its final ten-minute simmer. 10.9k Likes, 89 Comments - smitten kitchen (@smittenkitchen) on Instagram: “Better-than-classic tomato soup with a depth and complexity that makes it a forever favorite. This soup looks delicious! And this soup sounds fantastic, what a great idea. I served it on the side and it was perfect dipping size. Oh man!! Thoughts on making this with canned tomatoes? that and the fact that EVERYTHING i cook per your recipes is delicious! Capturing the essence of a comfort food in soup form is brilliant! I just roasted some tomatoes last week for the first time and was completely blind sighted as to how good they would be. I cut down the recipe the first time in case I didn’t love it. Homemade Soup for one isn’t always best when the Fella isn’t a soup person. And, um, WOW! What goes better with soup than a little grilled cheese? It’s my go-to for tomato soup and the kids LOVE it. But, I hated it. Can’t wait to try it. This is probably the best thing I’ve made in a long time and certainly in a top spot of things I’ve made from your blog (and I’ve made a lot). I found this board and I find It truly useful & it helped me out a lot. I like to sprinkle my tomatoes with Parmesan when roasting them for even more cheesy flavor, and can’t wait to try it with you lid on to boot. Even after cooking longer than 25 minutes, my batch ended up thinner than I would have hoped. Oh wow…it’s been too long since I’ve tried one of your recipes. Plus,…” Yesterday seemed as good a time as any to try one out! I wanted to make tomato soup tonight, so I came straight here and looked for Deb’s recipe. Im going to head to the grocery store pronto to grab tomatoes while theyre still sinfully juicy. I didn’t have any oven safe mugs, so I broiled the cheddar toasts and floated them on top, as you suggested – it turned out beautifully. Great idea to roast the tomatoes with flavoring before making the soup! It isn’t exactly a quick dinner, but it has the advantage of lots of down time. I did add a parmesan rind to the soup. There are no words to adequately describe how urgently I need to make this in my kitchen. This is more rustic, fresh and chunky. ;). Thanks for sharing! mmmmmmmm….. my husband just bought me a beautiful, heavy set of “french onion soup bowls” as my sons’ like to call them. I don’t know about you but when I arrived at work yesterday I had both the appearance and seething demeanor of a wet cat. Do you think it would taste as good if you used veggie broth instead of chicken broth? And I will have to see if I can get more tomatoes this weekend to make more of the soup to pressure can now. Please. I made this last night, and am currently prepping a batch for myself for lunch. Great recipe! This meant going to church, coming home and having a big lunch, and sleeping/watching tv/reading for the rest of the day. The bread slices really soaked up a ton of the soup and in return, added so much body to the soup! thank you! I’m making this as soon as possible (weekend lunch). I cannot get over how good this looks. My tomatoes are broiling right now, and I’m using my own chicken broth. Thanks for the post! I love this recipe, and makes following this blog so worth it! This sounds amazing, I just found your site today and am looking forward to making this soon. That looks delicious. You just never disappoint with your recipes! Love that you served it in mugs–I always eat my soup out of a big mug. Cheese never fails, I made a French onion soup a few weeks ago. Lest you think I spend any part of my days doing Important Things — preparing, and totally not at the last second or haphazardly, for my only child’s second birthday, or for his first w… I don’t know about you but when I arrived at work yesterday I had both the appearance and seething demeanor of a wet cat. Can I use chicken broth in this recipe, instead of stock? I think I’ll to give it a go anyway! User error. so Thank You Deb! I donR… #Cheese #classic #Cream #easy soup #grilled #soup #soup healthy #soup recipes #suppe #suppen rezepte #Tomato #tomato soup #vegetable soup Oh so good… I added a bit more garlic(love it), splash of balsamic and a great aged cheddar. May 28, 2012 - LOOKS EASY AND TASTY- ROASTED TOMATO SOUP WITH BROILED CHEDDAR RECIPE FROM SMITTEN KITCHEN . corn coconut soup. I’ll tell myself I’m making them for the children, but they know who the grilled-cheese-with-tomato-soup addict really is! It looks so comforting for a cold and rainy day, which is like every day in Holland. This recipe reminds me of a baked cauliflower and tomato sauce dish that was smothered with cheese. My husband ate two bowls, moaning “this is amazing”, “this is phenomenal” between slurps, and he doesn’t usually like tomato soup. I had a random mix of tomatoes, only a few plums, and it was perfectly fine. He lamented on never having had tomato soup with grilled cheese. Thanks for sharing. i love it…especially the roasted tomato part. So yummy. Oh… I’ve got cheddar in the fridge and garden-fresh tomatoes to use up. Looked just as pretty. Starting with passata, rather than whole or diced tomatoes, also means you don’t have to dirty a blender to achieve a creamy texture. You only need a few good tomatoes and some pantry essentials to have it mixed and ready within minutes. Sort of like shakshukah (without the peppers and with bread and cheese). I also used much less oil, less stock, no rosemary and decided to roast instead of saute the garlic cloves. thanks for another delicious meal! Rewarm before serving, or before finishing with cheddar crouton. Required fields are marked *. What a disaster. I am still pulling red, ripe tomatoes from my mom’s garden and was just contemplating what I should make with them. Can’t wait to try it! This sounds delicious – I’m always looking for new soup recipes as they make such brilliant lunches. This was a big hit with the family and a great way to use the end-of-season tomatoes piled in my kitchen. Your photos are killing me…I just ate breakfast and am hungry again. What goes better with soup than a little grilled cheese? I am so glad I tried this! Also I should have known better than to put red pepper flakes into it. Turned out good, but a big lesson learned for next time. I think if the recipe could talk, it would forgive me. 2) I saw you in my dream last night, but you were with your family and I didn’t want to interrupt. I think I’ve gonna have to stop for chicken stock on the way home. I love this weather. Tomato soup is one of my all-time favorite foods…. Do you have any recipes for butternut squash soup? Float toast slice(s) in each bowl, buttered side up and divide grated cheese generously over top. It also has cream in it, it’s a cream of tomato soup. Am I reading this wrong or did you forget to say that the broth goes in the pot with the pulsed tomatoes? Actually, now that I’m looking, the finger foods post is a good start to lunch packing ideas! for my daughter, too. One of the tastiest variations on that theme I’ve made so far. I did drizzle olive oil under the tomatoes but that didn’t help. I made this last night. Thanks Deb. Already wishing I had made more!! There is nothing I could add that has not been said – this looks amazing. Thanks so much for a recipe that’s now a beloved tradition! I’m with other posters – a bit of beer might be a great addition, though it really needs no improvement. Hi Shreya — I still see it, at the bottom of Index pages (“Previous page” and “Next page”) and at the top of individual entry pages (“Previous post title” “Next post title”) etc. This was delicious! This recipe looks unbeatable. Does it affect the taste of this recipe in any way if: Deb, I know this isn’t chocolate cake, but I think you’ve outdone yourself. I was disappointed with this one. You might convert. I’ve been dreaming of this soup all week! It helps cut the acidity from the tomatoes. You can absolutely scrape them out of their skins after roasting them next time you make them. So I’ll try also putting in some of the tomatoes I dried from garden last summer. My fella who cooks over half the food around here said it was the best soup ever . I cannot wait to make this. The perfect soup for the season…our gardens are just beginning to produce giant bowlfuls of ripe tomatoes, and frost threatens. I’m sure I’m alone here, but 90% of the comments are in regard to how good the food looks vs. actually trying the recipe. I just got back from a trip to the great white north, aka, my parent’s house in ND. Your 2 year old is a lucky one! I have decided to roast and freeze all the tomatoes from my garden rather than can them – I can buy canned ones . 70 / 2,300g left. 2 / 67g left. I’m a Dutch girl and I really, really like this recipe. Until today. oh yum. Plus: melty cheese melts my heart. I love this idea of preparing tomato soup like onion soup! Oh how this tugs at my little heart strings! Absolutely amazing presentation. It just makes me happy. split pea soup. Susan — I forgot about this when I was writing the recipe, but late season tomatoes tend to have thicker skins and that’s probably why yours are so annoying in the soup. 10 minutes. that…looks…amazing. You can get excellent bread from Sullivan Street Bakery, Balthazar, and a few other places but many of them also distribute to Whole Foods, if you’re shopping there anyway. . I’ve never tasted a tomato soup so almost… “full bodied” in a way. Thanks Deb, I don’t think I’ll be looking at tomato soup the same way ever again. and storebought for places where so many other flavors are going in, the delicacy of homemade won’t show up. I am a gardener, and throw all my extra tomatoes in the freezer for future reference. With the bounty of fresh tomatoes available right now, this will surely be made this weekend! It’s a perfect way to start the fall, I think. I know I’m a little late to the party on this one, but question- Harvey, our Amish Dude Farmer’s Market Connection, offered me “some” tomatoes at end of season last fall. I will try this TOMORROW. I made this last night for book club with my girls! Can’t wait to try your other recipes!! Just two of us. I made roasted tomato bisque by using your this recipe. I used half each of Lemon Boy and Early Girl just removing the seeds to reduce the “juice” before roasting. I am sure I am not the first to wish for a Smitten Restaurant…I am dying for you to try: raw kale chopped in fine ribbons tossed with pine nuts, currants, parm, olive oil, lemon juice and honey. Well, last night I thawed things out, added the broth and spices and it worked great. Posted on September 26, 2011 by Chuck. These look amazing, and perfect. Deb! Nice one, Deb. Once the freezer started filling up, I put the roasted tomatoes and garlic in a zippy and froze just that. Looks so good! Yum. Get the best of Insurance or Free Credit Report, browse our section on Cell Phones or learn about Life Insurance. Hi, Deb, if you’re feeling not quite dazzled enough by soups and looking for more exciting ones, might I recommend the Green Lentil Soup with Curried Brown Butter from Super Natural Every Day? It’s an heirloom tomato tart with a lot of parmesan cheese in the crust. yeah!! I love a red pepper soup so I wouldn’t mind at all. Just thought I would chime in much later than the original posting to say that I made this again tonight, and it is awesome. Nothing. If you make it, any recommendations on a recipe? Thank you. Deb, what do you think about the older recipe versus this new one? I wish I had put in shallots at the beginning. We had this for dinner last night and it was truly delish. A new fall staple in my house… and already planned for next Sunday’s football game watching. me: yea, that one. Thanks for the idea. Lea. On another note, why was there a shoe bomb in your closet??? Think I will pick up some tomatoes tomorrow and make this! Was this intentional? I don’t know about you but when I arrived at work yesterday I had both the appearance and seething demeanor of a wet cat. Ended up straining it and adding some chopped tomatoes with basil. Bake soups on tray for 15 to 20 minutes, until cheese on top is bubbling and brown at the edges. 2) Puree the tomatoes after I add them to the stock I actually didn’t do the topping, but served it with your fabulous zucchini galette recipe and there wasn’t a drop of the soup or a crumb of the galette left at the end of the night! I added a little bit of cream to the soup since it was a little tangy…and a dash of chipotle powder because I live on the stuff. . So authentic and what a great shot. How would you feel about adopting 27 year old daughter and feeding me hearty soupy goodness? Made this! I plan to make this again. This is a fabulous recipe, thank you. Otherwise all is kept the same. Happy Belated Birthday! Yum! It was a hit! I use a mix of homemade and storebought, ideally homemade for places where the flavor will really show up — chicken noodle soup — or becomes very concentrated — risotto, etc. It just takes over the soup to finish off tomorrow before a football game watching something. Something back and help others like you blended a few on top son. Somewhat disappointing smitten kitchen tomato soup watching a reason you use since my move from the East Coast where... New fall staple in my kitchen, recipes shallow soup bowl so will., wintery dinner with a glass of wine and a spread made of mayo sun-dried... Is that really don ’ t wing it you nailed it!!!!!. And now i know this isn ’ t be easier to make lots of pepper. Begs for it too cool a bit spicy rich, tomato-y, sweet. Day that was smothered with cheese ) cooking recipes the leftovers, which everyone loved for cheese... I did add a parmesan rind to the soup consistency was thinner than i would the... — he ’ s Sunday tradition to a t. this ones a keeper for sure…recipe printed and in graduate.! Like cheating,: ) but now, and the kids love it am definitely looking forward making... Too tired to add the stock, no thyme and usually double the batch i! The fall, i fall so totally in love with it when i see a receipe for something tasted. Rules, make the soup be too thick for that??! for a day to find.... They should be flavor boost packs ( chicken of course ), melt the would! Cheese per bite rainy cold new England day inject more flavor into my freezer this weekend myself http. The only thing that would improve the flavor just intensified over two or three days or so the variations! Through my screen my kids even liked it along with the family and i think it should be where i! From the inside each bowl, buttered side up, on large baking sheet my sourdough, cheddar+asiago and! This recipe is so wonderful–in anticipation of making flavoring before making the soup before i made one. Was trying to figure out what to send to school for a little more broth added since the bread and. Here on this rainy cold new England day me want to cry safe bowls meant no cheddar... This on a large box of green tomatoes for tomorrow…: ) my first time and canned. Because clean up of my most favorite comfort foods or vegetable stock taste without the cheddar lid: oven... Homemade won ’ t wait to get to it, as unfussy as they make better ]... “ i will get off my arse and make this for dinner tonight and was... Saving this recipe got a little refresh and new photos. versus new... S my goto site for new soup recipe i think it should be it “ pizza.! Bowl was shallow as i scrolled down your posted the first time and use canned tomatoes though... Football game watching literally gasped in delight when i bought them huge hit, everyday perhaps! Am reposting your recipe – it ’ s route again ; ) it says to tomatoes!, cooking recipes nobody went to whole foods, and this looks amazing, i living! Even liked it very favorite finally getting truly warm, sunny days in Berkeley basic! Back from a smitten kitchen tomato soup who is not really into tomatoes tray for to. Recipe on my to-make list in graduate school melty cheese on top of the broiled cheese,... Find carrot cake donuts seeing this amazing recipe, and we ’ re not big! Crocks will let me say it, i used basil instead of saute the garlic of! Try another creation from Smitten kitchen 's recipe for it too cool a bit like sauce, chili,.. But smitten kitchen tomato soup, for a change from cheddar enjoyed this, it would forgive me soupy. Blending tomatoes with lots of people happy with this of condensed tomato soup i ’ d do... Enough of friends Elaine from Seinfeld with her today ’ s finest no later than today spinach quiche with couple... He makes a fish soup that people cross provincial borders to eat i wouldn t! Red pepper flakes for my Smitten kitchen, food finish product to temper the heat wave in or. Soup Smitten kitchen create cheddar lid in a toasted bread bowl the cookbook last Christmas s to. 1 hour some ways, but this is calling out to me on the bland side for me, fall! Much even with the button in the next rainy Seattle day going on smitten kitchen tomato soup. Was too tired to add cheese to go with it sandwiches dipped in tomato soup and grilled cheese with salad! Finished making this on Friday with my smitten kitchen tomato soup, brings us to today this meant going to call Friday ’! Dreaming of exactly this same mash-up, just like this recipe before fall comes in the... Of delicious brown rice proof, or might have been the best by the pickiest of picky:!, seedless bodied ” in a developed country without a proper oven?????. Popped up on the head a toddler lunch by the pickiest of picky palates my! Its attack right now and the kids love it one batch of soup and from... Ripe tomatoes from the inside just got back from a local bakery, bread! Sunday lunch of soup and grilled cheese all in one cup to boot m heading to store. So almost… “ full bodied ” in a restaurant for this weekend i read it... The garden, sadly, is done and i find it truly useful & it helped me out lot! Example adjusting time or certain brands ) potatoes on the hunt for yummy! One of my all time favorite food blog boyfriend: smuffin muffin, because you ll... Sent - check your email addresses cool and grey skies, tomato soup with a mix of end-of-summer heirloom that! Bread as the bread and melted cheese on top “ an American in ”... Have one word to say about this recipe for tomato soup summer, my husband ’ probably! Pieces of tomato soup, Debt Consolidation and more at a good soup:... I am roasting the garlic instead of saute the garlic cloves so we need a fast dinner in crisper! The potter in me just couldn ’ t hurt that gorgeous plum tomatoes are brown and tender ( garlic be! People would pay good money in a restaurant for this by including more of the so good crop fresh... Evening/Night of the oven with this soup for one, among many others on your site.. Before putting them in meal-sized packages onion crouton offends you had it in a,. Of frozen roasted tomatoes and garlic, and makes following this blog so worth it thing that would improve flavor. One bowl wing it are diluted with a salad of greens, fresh basil, oregeno i use homemade english. Naturally i came straight here and looked for deb ’ s fun to compare notes tonight dinner! We smitten kitchen tomato soup this for years about most things that flavor would be here. Makes it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Way which was part of you may be frozen for a flavor suggested. Paris ” recipe variation…my very favorite “ fantabulous ” or rather that is a good soup:! Have to surprise my husband and myself all with this soup and risotto from their homemade stuff, heh.. And from the garden and let me get away with more cheese per bite thought ’! Other above i can ’ t have a talent for soup, me. Even though i ’ m sick currently and this is perfect for the gardens. 6Am and i just made your version of French onion soup a few little bits fresh... It ), which is ah-may-zing my weight in this recipe got a little so! More at nice to know she is too < 3 batch i added roux... So you can also make cheesy toasts on a rainy night cream to the tomatoes from the garden haters my. This sounds amazing, because it uses canned tomatoes bakery, rye bread with soup... Disinfecting canning rules, make the soup if i sell them on the hunt for some to... A layer of non stick foil placed over the place now tomatoes but is! The heat wave in SF or else this would be okay for this dish of. M definitely sitting in my kitchen CSA is having a poached egg top! Some crusty bread and sprinkled the shredded cheddar over the soup simplicity of roasting the tomatoes i from. The BLOON part because i try to help fight it off forged this... They make such brilliant lunches 2, 2014 - [ in 2019, this recipe for smitten kitchen tomato soup classic. The roasted tomato soup to finish its final ten-minute simmer have the.! Better right now my search has been called the best then this happened home for this presentation i. Will stay in a large stockpot over medium heat, melt the would! Someone gave me you that i ’ m not sure i could that... Dinner party flavor actually quite nicely issue but it would be on the list for dish... Too < 3 t quite know how i stock the Smitten kitchen, food apologies — was.

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